Types of NBA bets

Types of NBA bets

The most popular bet in the National Basketball Association is the total bet. Better bookmakers offer a greater variation of outcomes in this betting format. At least three totals are offered by each bookmaker for the overall outcome of the match. In addition, you can bet on the total of the entire meeting or each quarter, the number of fouls, three-point hits, free throws and many other events. The dependence of the bet in the NBA on random points is not as noticeable as, for example, in hockey or football. The fact is that in the NBA, the total number of matches compared to these sports is much higher, and can range from 150-230 balls.

Bets on the outcome of the meeting in the NBA can be carried out on regular time and overtime. Very rarely regular time ends with a draw. Differences in odds for events with and without overtime are also extremely small. It is possible to bet on the winner in each of the four matches.

Handicap betting in the NBA is very different from similar betting in other sports. The fact is that the handicap offered by the bookmaker can vary widely (from 2.5 to 25.5) depending on the balance of strength of the teams.

The NBA is characterized by another type of betting – this is a comparison of quarters. With such betting, you can compare all the indicators of the meeting, or only one team. The bookmaker offers to guess in which quarter this indicator will be higher than that of the compared one, or to determine the quarter with the maximum value of the indicator.

Comparison of matches is a popular bet in the NBA, in which the bookmaker offers to choose the best team from two pairs of approximately the same level. For example, the bettor is invited to bet on which of the two compared teams will gain a greater lead in points when they win. The performance of the same team in different matches can also be compared. For example, in which match this team will score more points.

A bet on a team pass. The NBA league has the largest number of playoff games. Therefore, bookmakers offer many options for betting on the team’s entry into different stages of the tournament.

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